BioRESEARCH Associates CE is perfect for you if you are looking for the most effective way to grow your practice with more accurate tools. We are offering a great selection of video tutorials and courses from the top minds and practice managers in dentistry today. It is one of our core beliefs that if you have great information you freely share it with your audience. We feel that the right data and knowledge in the hands of doctors like you will help people.

Our typical courses provide a unique hotel experience, dining options, and up to 16 educational credits to put towards your AGD accreditation. On top of that we’re going to change how you perceive the art of dentistry forever.

The way dentistry has been practiced for the last 60 years is being challenged by some of the brightest minds in the business. Make no mistake, if you’re seeing between 20-30 patients a day and not doing any sort of biometric research on every single one of them, you are selling them and yourself short. This means gaining insights that lead you accurately to the right diagnosis and conclusions. This goes beyond digital occlusion tools and into joint function, airway, muscle activity and more. The idea that you can simply provide blind orthodontics, and drill and fill patients with zero culpability on their finished state is changing. That safe place isn’t necessarily safe anymore. We say blind orthodontics because failing to get joint vibration analysis and jaw tracking data is essentially being blind as to the state of the TMJ’s before, during, and after your treatments. To be successful in orthodontics means having a clear view of the end state of the mandibular relationship to the maxilla during all phases of motion and rest.+

This is where BioResearch comes in. By doing as much research as we have, and partnering with the brightest minds, we’ve uniquely positioned ourselves, and you, to be able to provide a high level of care while increasing your bottom line. But first you must learn how…

Biometric Diagnostics In Dentistry – Dr. Ray M. Becker, DDS, FAGD

Review of anatomy and physiology of the stomatognathic system. JVA, Jaw Tracking, Surface EMG, and T-Scan

Tuition $1295 – 16 CREDIT HOURS AGD

Practical and Profitable TMD – Dr. Michael A. Smith, DMD

(Teeth, Muscles, and Joints) for the General Dentist. Course Objectives: Implementing JVA, T-SCAN, LASER THERAPY

Tuition $1295 – 16 CREDIT HOURS AGD


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